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Don Miller

President/Chief Executive Officer

Don Miller has more than a quarter century of experience developing, managing, marketing and delivering software and service solutions to a variety of markets.

Don’s background includes a decade of architecting, writing and testing software packages in a variety of environments, including enhancing Microsoft’s Local Area Network Manager for Western Digital. Following his stint as a software developer, he served in various project management and marketing management capacities for Storage Technology Corporation.

Don holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Data Processing from Central Missouri State University (1981) and a M.B.A. with a focus of Finance, Accounting and International Business from Regis University (1995).


Laurie Wilson

National Sales Manager

Laurie Willson is Cheetah's National Sales Manager with nearly 15 years seniority and experience with the Company and Cheetah's captioning and court reporting software. During her tenure at Cheetah, Laurie has focused her efforts in both customer service and sales positions. For the last 12 years she has focused solely on selling and supporting both the captioning and court reporting lines of software for both Domestic and International markets.

Prior to joining Cheetah, Laurie worked at Array Technology and California Devices where she provided support for the sales and marketing team and was responsible for Accounts Payable.

Laurie's college studies have been in communications, psychology and health/fitness. She currently and actively studies and practices healthy living and preventive health maintenance.

Troubleshooting/Customer Service

Meredith Boyles

Helpdesk/Distance Training and Support Coordinator

Meredith grew up in Colorado, and has a BA in Linguistics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She minored in Computer Science, focusing on system administration and Natural Language Processing. She spent time exploring various work preferences, and then she and Cheetah found each other. She has since had the opportunity to throw herself into everything from customer support and training to programming to documentation and knowledge-base management, and has everything she could hope for in an occupation. She also figure skates, volunteers, and is married.

Keanan Smith

Product Development

Keanan was born outside Chicago, Illinois, grew up in New Jersey, and moved to Colorado when he was 18 to go to college. He fell in love with Boulder and has been there ever since. He is a full time Service Rep with over 25 years of computing experience and 10 years in retail management and customer service. He comes to Cheetah from a background as an assistant manager at Savers and prior to that as a technical support and solutions manager and programmer at NetLibrary. He has lived in Boulder, Colorado for more than 15 years, and in his spare time plays pool (his team went to the amateur nationals in 2004), plays video games, surfs the Internet, and reads copious quantities of novels.

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