Since 1987

Company Overview

Cheetah International is a leading supplier of software systems for closed captioning, court reporting, and realtime litigation. Cheetah International are renowned here and abroad for cutting edge technology that is both user-friendly and productivity enhancing. Our quest is to improve on these systems and support the people who use them. Let us know how we can serve you.

Cheetah International was founded in early 1987 by Gary Robson and Kathy Robson, with TurboCAT as the original product. The name “Cheetah International” was chosen because of this product. The court reporting software industry had many Computer-Aided Transcription (CAT) software packages available, of which TurboCAT was (and remains) the fastest. It seemed, then, a logical next step to name the company with the fastest CAT after the fastest cat.

The focus of Cheetah right from the beginning was customer support, and the industry’s first 24-hour, year-round  Hotline was activated the day Cheetah opened its doors. Cheetah expanded into closed captioning a few years later, swiftly becoming the number one supplier of software and systems to the captioning industry.

As Cheetah International continues to grow and expand, with thousands of customers to take care of, the company's core operating principles act as a constant reminder of what Cheetah is and what Cheetah should be:

  1. We will be and be known as a company that maintains the highest ethical business practices.
  2. We will develop and distribute high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers at a fair price.
  3. We are dedicated to maintaining a team organization which recognizes the contribution of each individual.
  4. We will set an example of good corporate citizenship in the communities we serve.
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