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Captivator NL

Cheetah International offers the most comprehensive and integrated line of captioning products available. Cheetah is a pioneer in the captioning business and is the only company offering a full complement of products that address all your captioning needs.

Purchasing the correct captioning product is a major investment, but purchasing the wrong product can mean a much larger expense down the road. Cheetah International has spent thousands of hours over many years developing captioning software. Post production houses gain a lucrative service, broadcasters get a jump on FCC compliance, and corporations make training productions usable by all of their employees. Best of all, a full in-house system pays for itself after just fifteen hours of captioned video.

CAPtivator NL is simple to use and easy to learn. With its easy-to-remember commands, on-screen, context-sensitive help, comprehensive training and thorough documentation, you will rarely need the 24-hour Hotline.

Working with Cheetah accomplishes more than just getting you an easy-to-use product, however. As the leaders in the industry, we can actually help you establish your captioning business. We'll take care of everything from recommending hardware and configurations, to actually assembling a full turnkey system for you.


Creating Captions

Creating your caption files is easy. Captioned text can be imported from an ASCII file or created with CAPtivator NL's text editor. The system also supports a wide range of foreign language characters for words such as mañana, résumé, or ¿que pasa?

Text Formatting

Your captions should be as expressive as your audio. A complete range of caption styles, caption positioning, and text attributes will help ensure that your hearing impaired and ESL viewers receive the same quality content as your general audience.

CAPtivator NL lets you choose between pop-on, roll-up, or paint-on captions. With CAPtivator NL you can create captions in different colors, underline and italicize text, and even make captions flash for emphasis.

Timecode Control

Timecoding files with CAPtivator NL is painless. Shift timecodes throughout any portion or all of the caption text. Check your work with CAPtivator NL to make sure your files never have timing errors.

Take your video straight from any video editing program such as Avid® or Adobe® Premiere, then use a timecode generator to place your captions on a VCR or Beta SP.
These and other features shave hours off the time you spend editing.

Turnkey Solution

CAPtivator NL Capture

The CAPtivator NL system uses a digital video capture program (Virtual Dub) which allows you to digitize your video for caption editing with a personal computer and a single tape deck.

CAPtivator NL Edit

CAPtivator NL Edit is the tool used to create and edit captions and subtitles. The edit tool can be run on a personal computer equipped with a low-cost video card. Editing can be performed on the same computer used to capture the video stream or it can be performed on a separate computer.

Customers appreciate how this product saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment costs, and maximizes the efficiency of their existing hardware -- and so will you!

CAPtivator NL Edit can even be located remotely from your capturing system - imagine the possibilities!

CAPtivator NL Encode

CAPtivator NL Encode is used to encode your captioned and subtitled video masters. The cost is so low that many captioning and subtitling customers simply provide the software to their post-production facilities.

CAPtivator NL Encode has been tested on a wide variety of caption encoders and character generators, and supports the industry standard "Control-A" interfaces.

Encoding requires only a minimum amount of computer power.

Hardware Support

CAPtivator NL supports LTC timecodes and all major brands of VTRs and Beta SP. The system is also compatible with most caption encoders (such as the EEG® 370 and 470), including digital encoders and character generators (subtitlers). It supports the older Telecaption I and telecaption II caption decoders as well as the newer FCC standard decoders.
CAPtivator NL outputs captions to C1-C4 and T1-T4.


Make Model
Ultech EDS400
SoftTouch CCE/PC


Cheetah's CAPtivator products have made us an industry leader in closed captioning software.
The system comes with a day of training, a full year of software updates, and unlimited access to our 24 hour, 365 day per year technical support hotline.
Talk to us to find out more about what closed captioning and subtitling can do for your business. Please call regarding information on our latest training programs.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista


Intel 600 MHZ or AMD Equivalent


128Mb (256 for XP, 1GB for Vista) minimum

Hard Drive

10GB (About 5 Hours of Video), 120GB Recommended

Optical Drive

CD/DVD Reader, Writer recommended

Timecode Card

Adrienne PC-LTC IOR For computer running Win98, and has an open ISA slot. Adrienne PCI-LTC/RDR For computers without ISA slots (Available through Cheetah)

Caption Encoder

See above list (Available through Cheetah)

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