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Court Reporting

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Court reporting has always been the lifeblood of Cheetah International. Our product line includes all of the tools a court reporter or scopist needs to get their job done.

We understand that not all reporters are alike, and that scopists have unique needs of their own. All of our products are configurable to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re a freelancer, a Federal Official, a hearing reporter, a CART reporter, a scopist, a student or a teacher, Cheetah has the right CAT products for you.


In today’s world, computers are often networked together. Cheetah was the first vendor to put out a CAT system for Novell-compatible PC networks, which can be used to connect hundreds of court reporters to a single system.

SmartCAT, TurboCAT and Total Access have network versions available, and Cheetah’s other products all support installation on a network drive. As technology advances, we want to make sure you can advance, too!


Cheetah is dedicated to working with court reporting schools and students. Inexpensive school versions of our products are available. Schools across the United States are using our products to teach tomorrow's court reporters, captioners, and data-entry specialists.

Looking to the future

We are continuing to provide the tools court reporters require. As the profession changes, Cheetah changes with it. As long as an active maintenance contract is maintained, Cheetah International continues to ship new and improved versions of our core products to our ever-growing customer base. As a part of that customer base, you become a part of the future of your profession.

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