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The productivity you want

Start using the industry’s most productive CAT software, and start relaxing. TurboCAT users produce more transcript pages in less time, thanks to smooth realtime, blazing fast batch translation, and intuitive editing functions. More productivity could net you more work and higher pay. Or maybe you’d just prefer more time off the clock.

The technology you need

Being the best means staying ahead. TurboCAT helps you give your clients what they want, and what other CAT systems can’t provide. Your realtime will look good. You'll provide the CIC format your clients need. And you’ll turn over the transcript in record time. When you use TurboCAT, doing your best is easier.

The service you deserve

When you invest in CAT software, you have the right to timely, courteous support whenever you have questions. Whether you're calling our 24-hour technical support hotline, or talking to our sales staff about an upcoming software release, we'll listen to what you need. At Cheetah International, we're here to help.


Cheetah is the leader in realtime technology. TurboCAT Professional contains groundbreaking advances in realtime, derived in part from Cheetah's realtime captioning technology. Realtime is so easy to use in TurboCAT, all you have to do is press a key from the Main Menu, press one more key to confirm, and realtime is running! Turn on your computer, press two keys, and you’re in realtime! It doesn't get any easier than that. Check out these realtime capabilities—no other system even comes close! TurboCAT Main Menu


Full editing from the steno keyboard! Capitalize, perform globals, insert "$" sign, use Smart Punctuation or number formatting: anything that you can do from the computer keyboard you can do from the steno keyboard! And all RealEdit capabilities are user-definable!

Intelligent Realtime!

TurboCAT has an amazing amount of intelligence built into it that assists you with your realtime, including Intelligent Conflict Resolution, Intelligent Punctuation, Intelligent Number Formatting, Intelligent Word Endings, and Intelligent Alphabet Handling. Take a look at what it can do for you.


TurboCAT contains our revolutionary custom phonetic translation capabilities that are found in CAPtivator Online, the industry standard realtime captioning system.


No other system offers a smoother realtime translation than TurboCAT Professional! With SmoothTran, TurboCAT displays words only after they are completely translated, rather than displaying partially translated words, and then removing them and replacing them with the correct word.

Time Coding

Realtime testimony can be timecoded either using the time-of-day clock in the computer, or a SMPTE timecode reader or generator connected to video equipment. Timecodes can be viewed, printed, and sent to attorney/judge stations. The timecodes are also used for audio synchronization using AudioLink.

Realtime Litigation Support

Cheetah’s Total Access software allows attorneys and judges to tap into the power of Cheetah realtime. The sophisticated interface allows fresh copies of the transcript to be sent to the realtime litigation support systems over the network or serial port—no floppy diskettes required. Your work product can be password-protected as well, to prevent anybody from walking off with an unauthorized copy of the transcript. TurboCAT’s realtime output also supports CaseView (including 4.0 with timecodes), CaseView for Windows, and LiveNote.


The core of any Computer-Aided Transcription software is the Editor. TurboCAT's editing capabilities are unmatched when it comes to important editing features that are easy to learn, understand and use. Just look at some of these features:


TurboCAT's powerful Steno Global and Text Global have case sensitivity, whole word option, spellcheck, confirm each replace, and much more. The globals are applied to the file in the background, so you don't have to wait, and you can reverse the last global if you make a mistake, even if you've left the file and come back!

Picklists and databases

You can create lists of anything in TurboCAT, and call them up with a single keystroke within a file. For example, you might have a line at the top of your title page that says: IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF {&COUNTIES}. Press [Space] to call up a list of counties, pick the one you want by using the arrow keys or typing the first few letters, and it is filled in automatically.

This isn't just a wimpy little 20-line file, either! You can have hundreds of lists, each list can have hundreds of entries, and each entry can be pages long. Imagine the possibilities! A database of all your attorney clients. A single file containing all of your various certificate pages and witness letters. A list of all the court reporters in your firm with their CSR numbers. All just one keystroke away. All automatically alphabetized for you when you call them up. And all created right within TurboCAT.

Intelligent alphabet handling

Finger spelling alphabets have always been tough for court reporters. Now, TurboCAT offers you a way to define one alphabet, and make format strokes to determine how your fingerspelling comes out. Do you want it squished? Stitched? Acronymed? All of these, and more, can be done: ABC abc ABC ABC ABC ABC A*B*C A B C a,b,c ... The format strokes can be imbedded in other dictionary entries, so that the phrase "state your name" always puts you in "stitch" mode, for example. You can also, of course, define separate alphabets for each of these if you so desire.

Split Screen

Split-screen viewing of English and steno includes cross-tracking and dictionary lookup. Dictionary entries can be added and deleted. The steno and English can both scroll with you during realtime.


Imagine being able to turn your most common editing actions into the keystroke of your choice! Just turn on the Hotkey Recorder, perform the edits you want defined, and specify which key to use. From then on, press that key to perform your most commonly used commands. TurboCAT includes sample Hotkeys for changing paragraph types, handling interrupted questions, and much more!

Additional editing features include word swap, s-t-i-t-c-h-i-n-g, witness paragraph formatting, cut, copy & paste, shell to DOS, get file (with or without steno), automatic question numbering, the ability to undo the last ten deletions in any order... and too many more to mention here!


Allows you to handle untranslates and conflicts in advance, in context

Audio Synchronization for TurboCAT

Here's a technological advance that serves you and your clients. AudioLink, which is included at no charge with TurboCAT 6.2, digitally records audio right onto your computer's hard disk, fully synchronized with your realtime TurboCAT transcript.

AudioLink taskbar

Later on, when you (or your scopist) edit the job, you can select any point in the transcript and tell TurboCAT to play the corresponding audio. It makes verifying the transcript easy!

Not only that, but it provides a deliverable product that can make you money. AudioLink audio files are fully compatible with Total Access for Windows, so you can provide the attorneys with a transcript on a CD-ROM or ZIP disk that includes the audio. If they want to hear the witness' tone of voice, or how long the witness paused before answering a question, it's right there in Total Access.

AudioLink can be used with virtually any Windows-compatible sound card and microphone.


TurboCAT has a host of intelligent editing and realtime features, including those listed on this page, and the incredible Intelligent Number Formatting.

Intelligent Conflict Resolution

If you turn on ICR, TurboCAT will watch how you resolve conflicts and learn from it. It does a grammatical context analysis on each instance, and saves the information. When it has enough history and confidence, it will begin resolving that conflict automatically for you. You don't have to do a thing. TurboCAT literally learns from you and takes care of it. You can optionally set conflicts to remain in a different color when resolved if you would like to review what Intelligent Conflict Resolution does. We have also added an "unresolve conflict" command, allowing you to easily review what the choices were even after a conflict has been resolved. ICR works both during realtime and during editing.

Intelligent Punctuation

Punctuation is automatically inserted with one keystroke. Period, comma, colon, semicolon, question mark, quotes, parentheticals and more are just a single keystroke away from being inserted or removed. It's that easy!

Intelligent Word Endings

TurboCAT has a highly sophisticated word ending processor. You add only root words and suffixes to your dictionary. TurboCAT understands rules like:

  • drop final E's (age + ing = aging)
  • double final consonants (run + ing = running)
  • change "y" to "i" (fly + er = flier)
  • change "ie" to "y" (tie + ing = tying)
  • add "k" where needed (traffic + ed = trafficked)
and it even does special case combinations like "pay + Ed = paid".

Intelligent Alphabet Handling

Finger spelling alphabets have always been tough for court reporters. Now, TurboCAT offers you a way to define one alphabet, and make format strokes to determine how your fingerspelling comes out. Do you want it squished? Stitched? Acronymed? All of these, and more, can be done: ABC ABC ABC ABC ABC ABC A*B*C A B C a,b,c ... The format strokes can be imbedded in other dictionary entries, so that the phrase "spell your name" always puts you in "stitch" mode, for example. You can also, of course, define separate alphabets for each of these if you so desire.

Number Handling

Intelligent Number Formatting is just one of the many intelligent editing features in TurboCAT.

TurboCAT automatically detects numbers during realtime, and formats them appropriately. For example, something that might translate as "four double oh six" in another system would translate as "4006" in TurboCAT. You can actually see the number formatting as you write. You can also specify that numbers under a certain value should appear as words and numbers over a certain value should have their unit names as words. For example, you might want one through ten to be words, and 11 or greater to be digits. The other option allows things like 14,000 and 14,000,000 to be formatted as digits, but 14 billion and 14 trillion to use unit words ("billion" and "trillion").

TurboCAT also provides formatting triggers and tokens. A trigger is a word that causes the next number to format a certain way. For example, you might specify that if the word "cost" comes up, any number in the next 2 paragraphs should be formatted as dollars, or if the word "phone" comes up, any 7, 10, or 11-digit number in the same sentence should be formatted as a telephone number. Some of the formats supported include:

  • digits with or without commas (1234 or 4,203)
  • words (four thousand two hundred eight)
  • dollars with or without cents ($2,394 or $14.23)
  • dates (with many formats)
  • times
  • phone numbers, such as (510)656-0700 or 510/656-0700 or 510.656.0700
  • zip codes (94539 or 94539-7482)
  • Social Security number (551-33-1555)
  • ordinals (21st, 9th, 233rd)
  • Roman numerals (mcmlv or MCMLV)

The list goes on and on! It even works with mixed translations, like 45 thousand 24, which it will correctly format as 45,024.

Litigation Support

TurboCAT offers a wide variety of litigation support capabilities, including concordance (word index), keyword index, WordPerfect 5.1 output, RTF/CRE, and ASCII input/output.

When writing in realtime, TurboCAT can output to a wide variety of realtime litigation support (CIC) systems, including Total Access, CaseView, and LiveNote. As always, Cheetah is heavily committed to compatibility.

ASCII files can be created in "page image" and custom formats, as well as Amicus, CAT-Links, Discovery ZX ASCII, Microtext, Summation, and TAC/Video. Concordances can be printed or produced in ASCII format. Cheetah's optional TurboSquish software can print multiple pages per sheet in different fonts from within TurboCAT!

Spell Check

TurboCAT contains an excellent spelling checker that just keeps getting better and better! It operates interactively to check the current word or can scan to the next misspelling in a transcript, and detects double words, double Q&A, and consecutive colloquy by the same speaker. The batch spelling checker checks an entire transcript quickly, and gives you a list of suspect words that can be viewed in context, fixed, ignored, or added to your spellcheck lexicon (word list). You can add an unlimited number of words.

In addition to the standard 70,000-word lexicon and SuperLEX 265,000-word lexicon, Cheetah offers four additional lexicons, including medical, legal, pharmaceutical, and technology.

Concordance (Word Index)

The concordance feature built in to TurboCAT allows you to specify custom formats (margins, text size and number of columns). It can optionally boldface words, and is extremely fast. It produces an index of every word in the transcript except those in your exception list, like this example shows:

beginners 9:2,16,20; 11:4     
belief 12:4; 14:5,6; 190:12   
biology 45:12,14; 92:11,14,19 
bodies 43:20; 44:1,4,16; 47:2;
  49:4,6; 55:5                       
Brown 99:1; 145:23,29         
CAT 24:12,15,19; 29:3,6; 44:2;
  102:3,6; 185:12                    
Cheetah 24:12,15,19; 29:3,6;  
  44:2; 102:3,6; 185:12              

This tells the attorney that the name "Brown" (for example) could be found on page 99, line 1, and again on lines 23 and 29 of page 145.

When generating the concordance, you have a variety of options, as shown here:

Concord Screen

Automatic Indexing

TurboIndex, which is built in to TurboCAT, is a true one-pass automatic indexer that creates the indexes, adds page (or page and line) numbers to the entries, sorts indexes, and even creates multi-column indexes with no further editing required. Each transcript can contain up to 20 individual indexes.

TurboCAT can create "folded" indexes, where entries on the same line are in different parts of the transcript. Take a look, for example, at this one (all of the examples shown on this page were generated automatically by TurboCAT):


                     Direct   Cross   Redir Recross
Dr. Anderson ............ 4      21      46      48
Dr. Whitcomb ........... 61      86                
Dr. Blake ............. 104     153     165        

Dr. Anderson was examined on pages 4, 21, 46, and 48, and TurboCAT wrapped them all to one line. Folded indexes can be up to six columns wide.

A more traditional index would be the Index of Exhibits, which you can have TurboCAT number automatically for you. It handles exhibit numbering with both letters and numbers.


                                         Page  Line
10 Two-page document entitled  ........... 30     5

11 Multi-page document entitled  ......... 35    22
   "Billing Procedure"                             

12 Multi-page document entitled "How  ... 142     7
   to Barter"                                      

13 Multi-page document titled  .......... 149     6
   "Response of ADL"                               

Remember, all of these are just examples. TurboCAT is extremely flexible, and can create virtually whatever you need. Here's one more:


                                       Page    Line
What other business activities are  .... 14      16
you engaging in other than this                    

Computerized Bookkeeping.  Where  ...... 25      17
are they located?                                  

After sending Mr. Smith this  ......... 112       2
letter, the December 2, 1987                       
letter, did you hear back from him                 
on this subject at all?                            

Which of the contracts did you  ....... 151      15
have in mind there when you                        
referred to the agreement to                       

Multilingual Reporting

Multilingual reporting doesn't necessarily mean being able to write steno in another language, although you can do that quite successfully with TurboCAT. If a witness speaks of their résumé or mentions that they spent £525 on their last trip to London, you want to be able to write it correctly. TurboCAT supports all the letters you need, both in your translation dictionary, and during editing. If you're working in another language, you can even use French or Spanish keyboards.

The software supports accented letters for words and phrases like ça va, Dónde está usted, à la mode, and mañana.

Cheetah International: As always, we’re thinking globally!

Other TurboCAT Features


TurboCAT can print to two printers simultaneously (draft and final) and includes a print spooler with queue management for up to 14 queued print jobs. Over 200 printers are supported. TurboCAT can print on both sides of the paper, even on non-duplexing printers. Timecodes can be printed on either side of the page, in full-size or TurboSquish transcripts, and can be included in ASCII files. There is even a transcript box with a wide right margin, just for timecodes.

Header and Footer Tokens

You can specify up to six lines of headers and footers on each page, and change them at any time throughout a transcript. They can include bold, underlining, italics, superscript, subscript, page numbers, number of pages, job date, case names, and more, so that you can automatically create headers like:

Smith vs. Jones, et al.             Page 45 of 221
Testimony of Bob Blake                    11/15/95

These headers can be predefined as a part of your standard job format, and TurboCAT will automatically fill in the fields for each job.


Translation speeds are well in excess of 20,000 pages/hour with a 50,000-word dictionary and a 486 computer. Using a state-of-the-art Pentium system, your 200-page job will translate in well under ten seconds. While the other companies messed around with kludges like editing while the job translates, we just made sure the job would translate fast enough in the first place!

Scope Notes

The steno notes can be viewed, split, joined and searched before translation. Conflicts can be resolved and dictionary entries checked, added and deleted.

On-Screen Help

There are hundreds of screens of context-sensitive help throughout the program.

Dictionary Maintenance

TurboCAT includes a powerful dictionary editor, as well as a "strip" utility for unused entries, quick merge, dictionary conversion to/from Stentura format, dictionary converters from most other CAT software, and an interactive starter dictionary builder.

Computer Requirements

Computer (CPU): 386DX/33 or better
Total RAM memory: 2Mb min
4Mb recommended
EMS memory: 1Mb min
Disk cache: 1Mb+ recommended
Hard drive: at least 15Mb free
Floppy drive: 3-1/2" HD (1.44Mb)
Video monitor: EGA, VGA, SVGA, XVGA
Modem (optional): Hayes-compatible
Serial ports: 1 min, 2 recommended
Parallel Ports: 1 min
Operating System: MS Windows 95,98,ME
Windows 95 or 98 req'd for AudioLink
Timecode (optional): Adrienne LTC
Steno Writer: See list

Steno Writer Compatibility

The following writers (steno keyboards) are supported by Cheetah's TurboCAT software as of December 1997. If your writer is not on this list, please contact Cheetah.

Writer Vendor Interface
AccuWriter Digitext realtime
DataWriter Stenograph cassette
DiskWriter Vertical Software (VertiCAT) realtime/diskette
Digitext ST Digitext realtime
EZ-Writer MicroCAT diskette
FirstCAT Xscribe realtime
Flash Advanced Translation (ProCAT) realtime/RAM card
Fon'iksWriter Cheetah International/ErgoFon'iks realtime
Gemini Cheetah International realtime
Legit'i'mate AssemblyFab realtime/diskette
MeritWriter AssemblyFab realtime/diskette
Optimate AssemblyFab realtime/diskette
SmartWriter Stenograph realtime/diskette
StenoConverter BaronData cassette
StenoPaq Advanced Translation (ProCAT) realtime/RAM card
StenoRAM II Xscribe realtime/cable
StenoRAM III Xscribe realtime/diskette
StenoRAM III Plus Xscribe realtime/diskette
StenoRAM Ultra Xscribe realtime/diskette
StenoWriter Gigatron (StenoCAT) realtime/diskette
Stentura 200srt Stenograph realtime
Stentura 400srt Stenograph realtime
Stentura 500 Stenograph realtime
Stentura 6000 Stenograph realtime/diskette
Stentura 8000 Stenograph realtime/diskette
Transcriptor IV BaronData cassette
Transcriptor V BaronData cassette
Transcriptor VI BaronData cassette
Transcriptor X BaronData realtime/diskette
TurboWriter Cheetah International realtime/diskette
Vision 486 Xscribe realtime/diskette

(Cheetah, Baron & Stenograph digital data cassette readers supported)

CAT Software Compatibility

RTF/CRE LogoCheetah International wrote the book on compatibility. Literally! Cheetah authored the RTF/CRE file interchange specification that allows CAT systems to transfer transcript files complete with steno, timecodes, globals, attributes, and much more. And this is in addition to TurboCAT's ASCII in/out, WordPerfect 5.1 output, and special import programs for dictionaries, steno files, and transcripts from other CAT systems!

Cheetah has also been a leader in steno machine compatibility, actually licensing interfaces from major steno machine manufacturers rather than reverse-engineering them, so that we can provide maximum support and reliability. See our compatibility guide to steno machines for more details.

TurboCAT Professional

TurboCAT Professional is Cheetah's full-featured, comprehensive professional transcription software system. TurboCAT Professional is designed for use by official and deposition reporters who are responsible for all aspects of Computer-Aided Transcription including reading steno notes, translating the steno to English (both offline and in realtime), polishing the translated file to a final transcript, and printing the final version. In addition, TurboCAT Professional includes all the state-of-the-art dictionary maintenance and litigation support features necessary for every aspect of your transcription career.

TurboCAT Edit

TurboCAT Edit is Cheetah's professional transcription software system designed especially for scopists. TurboCAT Edit includes all the features of TurboCAT Professional necessary to edit translated notes files and print an official transcript, as well as import and export transcript files to and from various transcription and word processing programs.

Unlike some competing products, Cheetah's TurboCAT Edit isn't tied to a specific reporter's system, and can be bought (and sold) independently. The price is reasonable, and the productivity is exactly what you would expect from a Cheetah International product.

TurboCAT Student Rental

TurboCAT Student Rental is a full-featured, comprehensive professional transcription software system. TurboCAT Student Rental is designed for use by court reporting students who are nearing the completion of their course of study or who don't have access to transcription software in their school. Rented affordably in six-month leases, TurboCAT Student Rental includes all the features of Cheetah's comprehensive stand-alone transcription software TurboCAT Professional. TurboCAT Student Rental requires proof of student status, and the accumulated cost of your rental is deducted from your purchase of TurboCAT Professional upon graduation.

TurboCAT School

TurboCAT School is Cheetah's full-featured, comprehensive professional transcription software system for reporting schools. TurboCAT School is designed for use by schools to help teach the use of professional transcription software in preparation for a career in court reporting. TurboCAT School includes all the features of Cheetah's comprehensive stand-alone transcription software TurboCAT Professional and prints an identifying "school version" notation in the header and footer of each transcript page.

TurboCAT School is available in both network and standalone versions

TurboCAT Network

TurboCAT Network is Cheetah's full-featured, comprehensive professional transcription software system for networks. TurboCAT Network is designed for use by court systems, reporting and deposition firms, and government agencies and corporations with multiple reporters using a common computer network. Sold as one software system with multiple user licenses, TurboCAT Network includes all the features of Cheetah's comprehensive stand-alone transcription software TurboCAT Professional.

TurboCAT Network is designed so that no matter which computer workstation you use, you'll have your own dictionaries, style sheets, theory sheets, color preferences, phonetic translation rules, and all of the other items you can personalize in TurboCAT.

TurboCAT Demo

PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABILITY at 888.920.4587, option 3, or contact a sales representative.

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