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Q. Why should I have to renew my Maintenance contract?

A. Renewing your Maintenance contract has many benefits. Of course you receive free 24 hour-a-day, 365 days-a-year tech support. This gives you the peace of mind to know there is always help available. Your contract also allows you to receive the latest updates to your software. As the industry grows and changes, so will our Cheetah products. This means you will always be at a state of the art level without having to purchase a whole new version of the software every year or two.

Q. I paid for the software once. Why should I keep paying?

A. We understand that you made an investment in your software. Like any other investment you want to maintain it. With hardware, software and the needs of our customers changing all the time, we here at Cheetah International are always making improvements to our products to make sure our customers are always up to date with the latest, most current features. To be able to do this we can form a partnership with our customers to keep them up to date or we can just release new software every few years. The partnership is really the most cost effective way to protect your investment. For a small yearly fee you will never have to replace your software and still have the assurance that you have the best software available.

Q. I have kept my TurboCAT on maintenance for years now. I never need to call Tech Support anymore. Why should I stay on Maintenance?

A. We appreciate our loyal TurboCAT customers. If you have been on Maintenance over the last several years then you have received or may be eligible to receive the new SmartCAT software. Due to changes in the Windows operating systems we are no longer able to support TurboCAT on versions of Windows more recent than 98. What this means to you is if you ever need to update your computer it may become necessary to upgrade your software to SmartCAT. If you are on Maintenance then you will be able to receive all the help you need to switch over to the SmartCAT software. Besides that, customers on Maintenance are eligible for a discount on SmartCAT training seminars. Switching over to SmartCAT now is the best way to ensure your software will work both today and tomorrow. A more complete list of benefits can be found on our On-Maintenance Support page.

Q. I have been a TurboCAT user for years. Why should I pay for updates and support? Shouldn't that just come with the software?

A. When you buy your software it is the most complete and updated version there is. However when we make patches or  enhancements to the software and add new features those are only available to our customers who have remained on Maintenance. These are considered upgrades. The reason behind this is that those upgrades take a lot of time and money to create. Customers who stay on Maintenance help fund the creation of these updates. Updates add new functionally to the software, resolve any issues with functionality, and will be available at regular intervals to our on Maintenance customers at no additional charge.

As to charging for Support one of the benefits of being on Maintenance is the free 24 hour a day support. Since support is one of the biggest costs a software company has, charging customers who are not on Maintenance is the only fair way to distribute costs evenly.

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